Walk the wet walls

17 October 2019

When Kim said she was missing our walks and asked if we could do some more, I was quite surprised. I thought she’d be glad to see the back of me now the Clarendon Marathon was over. Of course, I was more than happy to go for a walk with her. My chest was slowly getting better and her legs had more or less recovered from the marathon so we arranged to meet outside WestQuay this morning for a short but interesting recovery walk.

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A bridge, a boat show and some old walls


13 September 2013

For reasons I will reveal later I didn’t want to tax myself too much on Sunday and, even though I knew there would be precious little time for walking on Monday and maybe Tuesday, I decided on a shortish Sunday walk. The Boat Show was in town so I decided to do the old two bridge challenge and see what all the fuss was about. It was an overcast day with a good chance of rain when I set out towards the green and I detected more than a hint of yellow in the leaves along the woodland path. At the top of the slope the open space was filled with grass and wildflowers going to seed. Autumn is in the air for sure. Continue reading A bridge, a boat show and some old walls

Walking the walls – first published 16 February 2013

Gods House Tower
Gods House Tower

After my historical wanderings last weekend it was a touch ironic that the next post from my deceased blog’s archives should be a walk of the medieval Southampton walls. Back in mid February 2013 the history of this city was something I half took for granted. Yes I knew about it, I couldn’t help it as I walked past so much of it every day, but it had been many years since I took the wall walk… Continue reading Walking the walls – first published 16 February 2013

Lunch at The Wool House

Waiting for Panda, WestQuay Southampton
Waiting for Panda, WestQuay Southampton

24 May 2015

My rendezvous with Panda was the entrance to WestQuay so I found an empty seat with a good view and sat to wait and watch. The South American pan pipe players had set up a little further along the precinct so it was a pleasant wait, if short. I’d hardly had time to get comfortable before I spotted Panda. Eleven in the morning is a little too early for lunch and our planned venue wouldn’t open until midday so, once we’d done with all the hugging and greetings, we set off through the Bargate, past the piano accordion playing busker to Costa for pre lunch coffee. Continue reading Lunch at The Wool House