Travel, Toronto and a comedy of errors

9 May 2017

Today was mostly taken up with travelling. This morning Commando woke with swollen and painful hands and a feverish feeling. His leg was still hurting but with the help of the Tylenol, he was able to walk. It seemed to me to be the work of some kind of virus rather than anything to do with the trip in Stanley Park. He limped down to Starbucks for a breakfast of croissant and yogurt parfait. Later we took a taxi to the airport where we sat around waiting for our flight. All the while I was keeping a rather nervous eye on him. He hobbled onto the plane. Five hours later he hobbled back off again. Along the way we’d lost three hours to the time change but at least we hadn’t lost our luggage. We were back to the disoriented jet lag thing again though.  Continue reading Travel, Toronto and a comedy of errors

Canadian views


16 October 2015

Our last evening in Gravenhurst was another wonderful family affair, sharing pizzas, memories and stories with Maggie, Alan, Jen and Marina. Although Katie wasn’t well enough to join us we did get to spend some quality time with her in her little room of happy things. She was in better spirits than she had been the day before, still frail but less tired, and she joked with Commando about doing a trathalon, as she had herself some time ago.
“It’s the swimming that puts me off,” Commando laughed. “I’ve never been a strong swimmer. Maybe one triathlete in the family is enough.” Continue reading Canadian views

Foraging in Gravenhurst


14 October 2015

We reached our motel in Gravenhurst in darkness so it wasn’t until the next morning that we had any idea about the view. At about six thirty I opened my eyes and saw what looked like trees outside the large window. Trying hard not to wake Commando I grabbed my padded jacket, pulled on yesterday’s leggings and jumper and crept out the back door to investigate. What I found was a high balcony looking out onto glimmering water and the tops of trees. The sun was just beginning to come up so I pulled on my hat against the cold and sat watching the light reveal more. Slowly colours began to appear. There was grass far below and blue sky. Then, as it got lighter still, houses on the far shore and trees in colours so bright it brought tears to my eyes. When I got too cold to carry on sitting there Commando was awake, staring out of the window with a look of wonder in his eyes.
“This has to be the best view we have ever had from a hotel room,” he said. Continue reading Foraging in Gravenhurst