Tales from the photo archive part two – winter


In my last post I cleaned out all the oldest pictures from my photo archive leaving me with all the pictures from 2016 that didn’t quite make the cut for one reason or another. These are random things I came across when I wasn’t really looking or pictures taken on walks that, for one reason or another, didn’t make it into a post. The spring cleaning continues… Continue reading Tales from the photo archive part two – winter

Out of bounds


19 March 2013

My social calendar is usually a rather sparsley populated thing but this weekend was jam packed. Along with the Saturday Care For A Walk and the Sunday morning Eastleigh 10k there was a rather special open day I really didn’t want to miss on Sunday afternoon. For a long time now I’ve known there is a boundary stone hiding in the grounds of what used to be Townhill Park House, in fact I’ve even glimpsed it through the thick holly hedge. The problem is the stone is out of bounds behind large, locked gates. Continue reading Out of bounds