All about roads

8 December 2017

The main road running through Bitterne Village is thought to roughly follow the Roman Road connecting Clausentum with Chichester and Winchester. In the last century or so, traffic on the modern road has gone from a handful of horse drawn vehicles to a steady stream of cars, buses and huge lorries. Accidents are commonplace, congestion is the norm and, for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike, it isn’t the most fun place to be. Continue reading All about roads

Breakfast in America and a walk by the Hudson


11 October 2015

After a shower and freshen up we left the hotel again in search of breakfast. Actually, by this time it was 10:45 so make that brunch. On our evening wanderings the night before when we’d been searching for coffee we’d seen an interesting place called Spring Natural Kitchen on Columbus Avenue, not too far from our hotel. It looked like a nice healthy place to have brunch so we thought we’d give it a try. First we had to do battle with the New York traffic, which was proving to be more than a little confusing. Continue reading Breakfast in America and a walk by the Hudson

Hotwells, gas works, street art and Banksy’s in the wild


2 September 2015

We’d made it to the Cumberland Basin, the main entrance to Bristol Docks and a place that features high on my work life list of disaster areas. Part of me was interested to see what all the fuss was about. The swing bridge we were about to cross would lead us from Spike Island to Hotwells and, looking over the side at the boats moored in the calm water, it seemed peaceful enough. Of course the problem, as always in Bristol, revolves around the roads not the river and over the expanse of water in the basin, we could see plenty of traffic even on a quiet Wednesday afternoon. At least we were walking so traffic shouldn’t cause us too many problems. Continue reading Hotwells, gas works, street art and Banksy’s in the wild