Rights of way

10 July 2019

One of the great joys in my life is walking in the quiet places. I am a connoisseur of secluded little cut ways, hidden footpaths, trails and walkways. Finding a way to get from a to b that doesn’t involve walking along a road makes me smile, especially when it is beside a river. On my walks I’m always on the lookout for these hidden gems and the ones I know I use regularly, even if they add miles to my walks. Today I chose a route bursting at the seams with away from the road delights for my early morning walk. Unfortunately some of them are not as accessible as they should be though.

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North Stoneham, hidden trails and building work

23 February 2018

Commando has signed up for a course at the Runnung School to try to improve his technique. He’s hoping it might knock a few seconds off his parkrun PB and maybe help him avoid future injuries. Today was his first class and, as it was in Old Stoneham Lane and the day was wonderfully springlike, I went along to have a little wander while he was learning.  Continue reading North Stoneham, hidden trails and building work

Hahne Farm Trail

11 May 2017

“How about a little walk on the trail up the road?” Commando said. “The one with the big stone inukshuk.”
“The Hahne Farm Trail,”  obviously I didn’t need asking twice.
We’d been sitting on our balcony watching the Canada geese and goslings on the lake below, drinking coffee and resting from our morning adventure in Huntsville.  I was pretty sure Commando had only asked because he knew I was secretly disappointed by the lack of trail walking we’d done so far rather than any real desire to go walking on his part. Still, it was a short trail, around the same distance as a parkrun, and less than a mile from our chalet. If it proved too much for Commando’s leg we could easily turn back. Continue reading Hahne Farm Trail

Telegraph woods and another unexplored path


4 October 2016

We left the West End Burial Ground feeling fairly pleased with ourselves. We’d found the grave we’d been looking for plus we’d  uncovered a few interesting stories and the odd mystery along the way. What more could we want from a walk?
“Shall we walk back through Telegraph Woods?” I suggested as we stood in front of the war memorial on the corner. Even when I told him it would be a steep uphill walk, CJ thought it was a good idea, especially as he’d never been to Telegraph Woods before.

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The Hahne farm trail, rocks, fallen trees and hidden markers


15 October 2015

We’d had a great evening with Maggie, Alan and Marina, reminiscing until long after dark. Sadly, Katie wasn’t well enough to join us but we did get a few moments to visit with her. She was frail and tired, so we didn’t stay too long but there were hugs and she seemed in remarkably good spirits, surrounded by beautiful things to make her smile. It seems she’s a girl after my own heart in that respect. The sky was filled with stars when we left and Alan explained Gravenhurst is a dark sky area. The street lights here face downwards, not out or up allowing a fantastic starry view. Continue reading The Hahne farm trail, rocks, fallen trees and hidden markers

Are there bears in these woods?


14 October 2015

Now we had some breakfast inside us and supplies in the fridge Commando decided to go for a short run leaving me to my own devices. As I was itching to get out and explore the lake I didn’t mind one bit. Beside the row of chalets, some steep wooden steps led down a grass bank, turned to gold by the covering of pine needles, to the lake shore. At the bottom of the bank, below our balcony window, upturned canoes rested on a rough stone wall and some weathered boards. The tall pines turned the ground to a patchwork of light and shade and the air was clean and fresh. Continue reading Are there bears in these woods?

The Wyvern 10k And a taster session on the Fair Oak trails


12 July 2015

Commanndo’s running hijacked my Sunday walk this week due to the Wyvern 10k, which was also his first ever event running as part of a bona fide running club. As it happened I didn’t mind too much because I’d heard there were some interesting footpaths around Fair Oak and I fully intended to check them out while he was running. Well, if I could find them… Continue reading The Wyvern 10k And a taster session on the Fair Oak trails