Telegraph woods and another unexplored path


4 October 2016

We left the West End Burial Ground feeling fairly pleased with ourselves. We’d found the grave we’d been looking for plus we’d  uncovered a few interesting stories and the odd mystery along the way. What more could we want from a walk?
“Shall we walk back through Telegraph Woods?” I suggested as we stood in front of the war memorial on the corner. Even when I told him it would be a steep uphill walk, CJ thought it was a good idea, especially as he’d never been to Telegraph Woods before.

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Woods, meadows and hidden history


20 September 2016

Just when I thought we had somehow missed the brick kiln and we were about to go through the gate and off of the Woodland Nature Trail I noticed another trail. It was fairly overgrown and I had an idea it would just lead us round in a circle but I decided to walk a little way just in case. This turned out to be a brilliant plan. Continue reading Woods, meadows and hidden history

Magical mystery tour with roads to nowhere


5 July 2015

On Saturday night Commando announced he was going ‘somewhere different,’ for his Sunday run and did I want to come along. There is only one answer to those kind of invitations because Commando is good at coming up with interesting venues.
“Where were you thinking of going?” I asked.
“You’ll find out when we get there,” was the cryptic answer.
After the bright sun and blue skies of the day before it was slightly disappointing to wake to an overcast sky and a cool morning. Even so I filled a water bottle with ice, grabbed my rucksack and my mac and got in the car feeling a little excited. Continue reading Magical mystery tour with roads to nowhere

Freedom, boundaries and trespass


29 March 2015

“So, where are you going walking this weekend?” Elaine asked me between calls on Saturday.
“I don’t know yet,” I said, “I’ll probably have a look at the maps and see if I can find somewhere that looks interesting.”
“Maybe you could look for another one of those boundary stones. I’m quite curious about them myself.”
“Actually there is meant to be one down by the river somewhere on Mansbridge Road, I’ve been meaning to check out.”
So that was that, I had a plan. Continue reading Freedom, boundaries and trespass