December miles

The beginning of December and my virtual challenge was nearly at an end. Gibraltar and the ferry to Tangier were almost in reach, but December isn’t an easy month to fit in walking miles. The weather is often bad and far too many seasonal things get in the way of going for a walk. Would I get there or would I fall short?  Continue reading December miles

September miles

My virtual September began on the beach on the outskirts of Valencia. The coastline is dotted with holiday villas and small, purpose built holiday villages. The first I passed through was Port sa Platja, seven miles into the week. It’s a pretty little place filled with boats and handy places to stay, away from the hubbub of the big city. Continue reading September miles

August miles

My virtual August began where July ended, in Cambrils, the pretty little seaside town in Catalonia, Spain, popular with Spanish holidaymakers. Sadly, this month Cambrils, along with Barcelona’s Las Ramblas have hit the headlines with shocking and cowardly terrorist attacks. These things make me despair of the real world so much I think I prefer the virtual one. Continue reading August miles

You thought it was all over

A few days ago I shared the last of the posts published on my hacked blog. It was written when I had no idea what was about to happen. It wasn’t quite the last ever post though. There was one more post waiting in the wings to be published that never saw the light of day. It was filled with all the little triumphs and disasters that would seem so unimportant later, when it seemed all was lost. While it may not be the most exiting of posts, in the interests of being thorough, I’m sharing it now, almost three years late.  Continue reading You thought it was all over

May miles

In reality, May began with a flight to Canada but all the while I was clocking up miles on my virtual walk across Europe to Africa. April ended in the Vézère valley near the caves prehistoric man once inhabited. I was in the Dordogne heading towards the mountains of the Pyrenees and Spain. Whether I’d reach them before the end of the month remained to be seen. Continue reading May miles

April miles, heading towards ancient history

My quest to walk, virtually, across Europe to Africa was not going quite as well as I’d hoped. So far the year seemed to be beset with injuries of one kind or another.  Still, I was moving forwards, even if it wasn’t quite as fast or as far as I’d hoped. March ended a little over a mile outside Chateauroux in the Indre department in central France. My aim for April was to reach Limoges at the very least.  Continue reading April miles, heading towards ancient history

March, not as many miles as I’d hoped…

My ambitious plan to walk, virtually, across Europe to Morocco hasn’t gone quite as well as planned so far this year, what with bad weather, mud and an unfortunate injury in February. Progress has been made though and Normandy, Versailles and Paris are now behind me. With spring ahead I hoped to make up some miles in March, walking across unchartered territory, at least for me, across central France. How did I’d do? Read on… Continue reading March, not as many miles as I’d hoped…

February virtual walking – where am I now?

While the real world in February was all about mud, mist, a fair bit of rain and a badly blistered foot, my virtual journey continued. January ended in France, just outside Évreux, heading for Paris. It seemed a long way from my final destination, Morocco, but, as they say, it’s more about the journey than the destination, so where did February take me? Continue reading February virtual walking – where am I now?

Plans afoot for 2017

At the end of 2016 I finally finished my epic virtual walk around the coast of Great Britain and came home. The challenge had kept me motivated for three years and showed me some amazing places I’d love to walk for real. Of course, coming to the end left quite a gap in my life and my motivation. After a great deal of thinking I’ve come up with a new challenge to keep me busy in 2017 and probably beyond.  Continue reading Plans afoot for 2017

December miles and a homecoming

When I totalled up my November miles I knew I would almost certainly finish my long quest to virtually walk the coast of Great Britain before the year was out. Home was almost in sight and the trails I was plotting out held familiar place names. Soon I would be in territory I’ve walked for real. Of course nothing is certain and bad weather, Christmas preparations and a holiday in Iceland might scupper my plans. Did I make it? Read on to find out… Continue reading December miles and a homecoming