A short long walk, then some running

30 June 2019

Kim and I are loosely following a marathon walking training plan to get ready for Clarendon. Loosely being the operative word because Kim works shifts and we live on opposite sides of the city. During the week we walk separately, each trying to fit in miles as and when we can. The plan is to have one long walk together a week. Much like I did for my last Moonwalk training, the long walks alternate between one long walk week and the next half the previous week’s distance. Each long walk week is two miles longer than the last. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

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The magic of seven


21 April 2016

At the beginning of March CJ and I took a long walk in search of boundary stones.  There were, supposedly, two up for grabs but we came home disappointed, having found none. Later I discovered we’d been within spitting distance of one stone so, armed with more detailed instructions, I decided to try again. This time it would be a shorter walk. The plan was to drive to the Sports Centre and start from there. Given my shortage of walking miles this month, this was probably a mistake. Continue reading The magic of seven