A burial ground and a Titanic tale


4 October 2016

In the spring I went for a rather emotional walk to have one last look at Moorgreen Hospital before it was knocked down. On the way I stumbled on a graveyard I’d never noticed before but the rain falling on the distant hills looked like it was comming my way so I didn’t have chance to explore properly. After the post was published several people told me the hospital was not being knocked down after all, just converted into flats. Apparently there was a rather interesting grave in that graveyard too. Today seemed like a good day to go back and have a look for it. CJ was intrigued when I told him what I was up to and decided to come along too.  Continue reading A burial ground and a Titanic tale

Last chance to see…


27 March 2016

Typically, as soon as building work stopped for the Easter break the weather took a turn for the wet and windy. The first chance I got to go out walking was Easter Sunday and it was blustery with the odd spot of rain. Still, it was now or never. There was somewhere I’d been meaning to visit for a while and our Thursday afternoon arch shopping trip told me time was running out. By coincidence, it is a building site of sorts and I was half reluctant to go there. Continue reading Last chance to see…