More wet hills and a summer social run

18 August 2019

This morning began with an early drive to the airport to drop Commando and Rob off. They were catching a train, not a plane, heading for Winchester and a summer social run with a small group of Hamwic Harriers. Kim and I would be conquering a few hills around Mansbridge while we waited for them to come back. It all sounded great, apart from the fact it was raining again.

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Insects, cut ways and a new copse

3 October 2017

This is the time of year the garden spiders start to stray indoors and the house spiders come out in search of a mate. Although I’m not a great fan of the eight legged critters, we seem to have attracted two to our decking. One keeps building his web between the house and the decking rail, right where everyone walks. You’d think she’d learn but every morning her web is back ready to be broken again. We’ve called her Doris, mostly because the other, more sensible, spider has been called Boris. He’s built his web between the decking rail and the garden and seems to be very successful at catching things. CJ has seen him twice now with a bee. In fact he’s getting rather fat.   Continue reading Insects, cut ways and a new copse

Some footpaths are not quite what they seem – first published 30 September 2014

On the last day of September 2014 I went for a short walk while Commando was out for his run. Originally I’d planned something a little longer but, still feeling less than brilliant, I decided against it at the last minute. Instead I thought I’d check out the rest of the footpath I found the other week on my way to West End Copse. Looking at the satellite maps it seemed as if it might be quite interesting. Even though I couldn’t work out exactly where it came out, it appeared to be going in the direction of the river, more or less. This could open up a few alternative routes for the future. Continue reading Some footpaths are not quite what they seem – first published 30 September 2014

woods, cutways and footpaths – first published 7 September 2014

Because of a shift swap the first weekend in September 2014 was shorter than normal. Not only that but it was the last weekend before the Cologne Marathon. All in all not the best of combinations time wise. With all this in mind I decided on a shorter walk than normal and, having perused my satellite maps, I thought I’d found somewhere local to explore that might be interesting. Continue reading woods, cutways and footpaths – first published 7 September 2014

Monday, Monday and a pain in the knee – First published 17 March 2014


Mid March 2014, and the last week before I started my new job. There seemed to be an awful lot of loose ends to tie up. Then injuries started rearing their ugly heads. Commando had a twinge in his knee and, despite RICE (not the stuff you cook in boiling water, it’s an acronym for rest, ice, compression and elevation), he had to cut his final twenty mile run short when it had barely started. It all felt very familiar. The last weeks of my Moonwalk training were beset with knee problems and I only finished the marathon with the help of pain killers and a knee support. Continue reading Monday, Monday and a pain in the knee – First published 17 March 2014

The walk that never was


7 January 2016

On Thursday morning I had an appointment with the dentist. Driving there was an option but parking is in short supply near my dentist and I really could have done with the exercise after a very lazy December so I decided to walk. After my appointment I thought I’d have a wander in Hatch Grange which is nearby and then maybe through West End Copse for good measure. I fact I might even walk through Hum Hole on the way there too, three woods in one walk, how much better does it get? Continue reading The walk that never was

Interconnected woods and surprises


Sunday 4 October 2013

Leaving my chilly perch under the stand of pines I ambled back down the hill beside the avenue of limes heading for the place I’d first emerged into the clearing on that wet July Day. Back then I had no idea of the extent of the woodland and the rain stopped me exploring further than the little park by the road that had first caught my attention. When I plunged back into the trees I soon found myself at the meeting of three trails where I’d sheltered from the rain that day and there were the steps I’d climbed, looking less treacherous in the sun. Continue reading Interconnected woods and surprises

Woods and rain


7 July 2015

It was a disappointingly miserable morning, following a frustrating day where I’d spent precious hours sorting out an appointment that had been cancelled at the last minute instead of enjoying the sunshine. Originally I’d planned a walk along the river but the weather changed my mind. If I’ve learned anything in my years of walking it’s that the river is not the best place to be when the heavens open. Continue reading Woods and rain