On a mission

13 September 2018

Today CJ and I were on a mission. In August the renovations on the Royal Victoria Country Park chapel were finally completed. Although we were both itching to go and visit, we both agreed it was best to wait until the school summer holidays were over and the initial burst of visitors had subsided before checking it out. This was not something we wanted to rush around in a crowd. So, we set off bright and fairly early for what would be the longest walk I’ve taken since my back troubles began.  Continue reading On a mission

The lost walks, part one

As I finally cleared away the debris of my old blog I came across two walks from that last October weekend. Walks taken when I was blissfully unaware of what lay ahead. There were no words, I never got as far as writing about them, just photographs and hazy memories. My hand was paused over the delete button but, the more I looked at those photographs, the more I remembered of those lost walks. It seemed a terrible shame for them to stay lost so I am going to do my best to recreate them now. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of what follows, it was almost three years ago after all and sometimes I struggle to remember what happened last week. Still, with a little poetic licence, here goes. This is the first of the lost walks… Continue reading The lost walks, part one

Sun, sea and … Shingle


30 June 2015

The last walk of June was going to be hot, hot, hot, at least according to the weather forecast which predicted temperatures in the high twenties. It seemed the sensible thing to do would be head for the shore where there would be sea breezes to cool me down. As it happened there was something interesting I’d been meaning to check out in Hamble anyway, the only problem was I wasn’t exactly sure how to get to it. Still, not knowing where I’m going has never stopped me before. Continue reading Sun, sea and … Shingle