Son et lumière

10 February 2017

Despite three days of resting my poor injured foot there was no way I was staying home tonight. Commando read an article in the Echo about a sound and light show at the new Watermark Development and CJ and I were eager to see it, even though we had no real idea what to expect. In normal circumstances we’d have walked over the Big Bridge into town but this evening, to avoid too much walking, we caught the bus.  Continue reading Son et lumière

Turn and face the strange


12 March 2016

A Saturday trip to town with Commando gave me a chance to have a look at the progress on the WestQuay II, or Watermark development. Let’s face it, I didn’t have the money to go shopping and I had time to kill. Besides, I’d read some old stone walls had been uncovered at the base of Catchcold Tower and I wanted a look before they covered them up again. Continue reading Turn and face the strange

Ghostly goings on in Southampton


31 July 2015

When I finished work on Friday it wasn’t exactly the end of my day. Commando’s friend Pete, the one who organises the spring New Forest Walks, had some tickets for a Southampton Ghost Walk but found himself accidentally overbooked. Knowing about my slight obsession with ghosts, Commando said he’d take them off his hands. There was just about time to freshen up before I had to dash back out again with CJ in tow. Neither of us knew quite what to expect as we made our way through a mostly empty city towards the Bargate. Continue reading Ghostly goings on in Southampton