Coffee, cake and mud at Whiteley

1 October 2017

October started with the first CC6 of the season, at least the first one the Spitfires could run. Last year there were a hard core of around eight Spitfires who turned up to run this series of winter cross country races, along with one mad photographer. It isn’t easy dragging yourself out of a warm bed on a Sunday morning to go out into the cold and run around a piece of muddy woodland. The more the merrier, or so they say, so this year the master plan was to get more people interested. There had certainly been enough of them turning up for the marshalling race  last month.  Continue reading Coffee, cake and mud at Whiteley

Way too many photos at the Whiteley RR10

12 July 2017

This month really does seem to be all about running. No sooner had we got the busy weekend of parkrun birthdays and 10k races over than it seemed we were off to yet another running event. This time it was the RR10 at Whiteley. There are pluses and minuses to this venue in my opinion. On the plus side is the Costa in the shopping centre by the car park. Tonight the lovely Tori and Teresa forced me to have one so I was happy walking along the narrow lane towards the start wth a coffee and in my hand.  Continue reading Way too many photos at the Whiteley RR10

Mud and tumbles at Whiteley Pastures CC6


2 October 2016

When Commando said he was going to run the Whiteley CC6 the day after his parkrun comeback triumph, I had my reservations. It wasn’t that I didn’t think he could do it you understand, but I was worried it was too much too soon. This would be the first CC6 the Spitfires had ever run but the venue was familiar from the RR10 there. Back in July it was one of the muddier courses with people slipping and falling. The rain yesterday meant it would almost certainly be even muddier and Commando falling didn’t even bear thinking about.  Continue reading Mud and tumbles at Whiteley Pastures CC6

Mud, crowds and determination at Whiteley


13 July 2016

The RR10’s are coming thick and fast this month with one almost every week. This week it was Whiteley, between Southampton and Portsmouth. It’s an odd place, until the mid 1980’s it was farmland with wooded areas once home to troops prior to the D Day landings. Then the powers that be decided to build a business park. The first houses went up in the late 1980’s and, now there are around six thousand residents, a retail park, restaurants, a cinema and a business park. The name Whiteley is a nod to one of the original farms. Continue reading Mud, crowds and determination at Whiteley